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Our Quailty Rice Products

We made a promise to ourselves and to all our consumers from across the globe. A promise we have been fulfilling for close to 10 years. A promise to produce food products of the highest caliber, with excellence engraved in each grain, to create these in an environment where cutting edge-technology meets impeccable hygiene. A promise that the world feasts on nothing but the best.

Nothing brings people together like the fragrance of good feast wafting through the air, delicious pearls of rice coming together with myriad bursts of flavours. We at CVHIGHTECH have been delivering this priceless experience since 2010. Our passion for quality coupled with innovation along with our technical expertise creates an ecosystem that delivers the best of the best food produce for a variety of end-users. We have achieved much on our journey, witnessing tremendous growth and goodwill from across the world when we commenced our export operations in 2012. We are proud to say that we are now the leading exporter to countries like Saudi Arabia, Dubai and USA, with a global footprint that is expanding rapidly. The chapters of our story write themselves as the tastemakers of the most unforgettable feasts, with once constant underlying message – excellence.