About Spices

CV Hightech is the proud manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Indian spices. We solidify the yardstick for brilliant quality and efficiency in the spices market. Spices in India, being a specialty, we are able to render with whole, ground and organic spices along with a wide range of oil seeds, curry powders, rice, herbs, sesame seeds, dehydrated onions and garlic and many more taste titillating varieties in Indian spices.

A stalwart among ground spices, CV Hightech are specialists in the manufacture of spices in India. With our state of the art fabricating infrastructure, we are able to bring forth the best quality of spices in India and that is why we hold an emplacement among the best spices exporters in India. We excel in procurement and export of exotic spices, which adds great value to the versatility of our range of offerings. We choose to stimulate a healthy lifestyle for our customers, by deriving a wide range of organically produced spices.

Our spices are originated from the highest criterion of quality spices thriving areas. Our spices are polished & ground under healthy hygienic condition. Processing of spices entails cool filing to preclude the eluding of volatile oils from spices, pure spices are mixed in conventional and suitable ratio packing to retain the freshness of spices.